Friday, October 3, 2014

Boots and Backpacks by K C Kahler Blog Tour!

Meryton Press is please to announce their latest upcoming release!
Boots and Backpacks is K C Kahler's debut novel. 
I don't know about many of you, but I am a sucker for modern adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. I think Boots and Backpacks sounds like an adventurous new spin! 
What are your thoughts?
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Book Blurb:
William Darcy counts down the last few months to his 30th birthday with dread. Orphaned as a child, his parents’ will includes a bizarre clause: Darcy must get married by his 30th birthday in order to inherit the family fortune. To make matters worse, the press knows about this deadline, as do the hordes of women chasing him in the hopes of becoming Mrs. Darcy. His family legacy hangs in the balance, but Darcy has little faith in the fairer sex. Will he find a woman he wants to marry, and quickly?
Elizabeth Bennet is determined to pursue her education and career without letting a man get in the way. When her traveling companion drops out, her planned hike on the Appalachian Trial is jeopardized. She meets the spoiled, snobby William Darcy just when he is desperate to escape the spotlight. No one will suspect that the Prince of Manhattan has gone backpacking! Darcy and Elizabeth form a tenuous partnership and begin a 300-mile journey that will transform them both.
In classic romantic comedy tradition, Boots & Backpacks follows our reluctant partners as they build trust, friendship, and even more. Six weeks together on America’s most famous hiking trail may turn out to be just what these two need!


  1. Hey Jakki! This book looks fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the tour!

  2. Hi Jakki, I am reading it and the moment, I am enjoying so much this book :D

  3. So glad to hear it, Natali!! =) Looking forward to reading your review!

  4. I have finished it! It's more than the book blurb can say... ;)

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