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Review: Pride and Persistence by Jeanna Ellsworth

From the classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, we know that Darcy’s heart is persistent in his love of Elizabeth Bennet and part of reason so many of us love the story. In Pride and Persistence, we learn how far Darcy’s persistence will go to win the heart of Elizabeth.

Our story starts right after Darcy’s disastrous proposal and Elizabeth’s gut-wrenching refusal. He has returned to Rosings and is determined to write a letter to Elizabeth to explain his actions. After a restless night from both parties, each is determined to see the other. Darcy to give Elizabeth his letter and Elizabeth to tell Darcy she is sorry for how hurtful her statements were during her refusal, although not sorry for refusing him. A storm is approaching fast; however, they still venture out in search of each other, determined in their separate purposes. After searching for Darcy for as long as she could, Elizabeth turns and heads back towards the parsonage when she hears someone calling her name; as she turns, she see Darcy on horseback heading towards her. They meet up and neither is able to say a word for several minutes; at last, Darcy asks Elizabeth to take his letter, which of course she does, and he turns to mount his horse. However, the storm has started and Darcy’s horse is frighten and starts to take off with Darcy half in the saddle and half out. A concerned Elizabeth watches as Darcy is jostled about and then thrown onto the ground with the horse rolling on top of him. Elizabeth runs to his aide and assesses the situation, checks his pulse, checks for broken bones, wraps his cravat around the wound on his head, and stares at his chest, checking for injuries of course. With the help of the Collinses and their servants, they are able to move him into the parsonage. Elizabeth takes control and orders everyone about; her concern for Darcy’s welfare is endearing to say the least, and one must question why her reaction is so strong about someone she claims to hardly know let alone like.

Once the storm settles, the doctor finally arrives and examines Darcy; he is impressed with Elizabeth’s quick thinking. He states that Darcy cannot be moved, much to Lady Catherine’s vexation, and arranges for a nurse to come and care for Darcy during his time of recovery although suggests that Elizabeth also stay and assist. All the while, Elizabeth’s concern is noted by all who witness it and suspect there is more than friendship between the two even if Elizabeth cannot yet see it. She sits with Darcy most of the night just talking and reading to him, which seems to keep him calm in his unconscious state.

The following morning, to everyone’s relief, Darcy regains consciousness and all quickly learns that he is suffering some memory loss; Darcy does not remember the accident or the previous two days. Darcy is being stubborn and will not listen to reason, until the lovely Miss Elizabeth walks into the room. Darcy, being so besotted, will do just about anything Elizabeth tells him even if it means how to up the chamber pot! The whole scene is just priceless!

And so the story unfolds of Darcy trying to recover from his injuries while trying to win the heart of his true love.  The evolution of Darcy’s many, and I do mean many, proposals are at time hilariously rushed through while at other times heartfelt and enduring. All the while not truly accepting Darcy’s proposals, Elizabeth takes the time to examine her feeling of what heart truthfully desires.

Colonel Fitzwilliam also plays a pivotal role in keeping Lady Catherine at bay while helping Elizabeth realize her love for Darcy. I have always enjoyed Colonel Fitzwilliam, and his easy manner endears him even more as our story unfolds. Lady Catherine is as dreadful as always and tries to find a way to manipulate Darcy into a marriage with Anne, but there is nothing to be done to come between our favorite couple.

Along with some well-known characters and some new ones, this variation is humorous and charming. Darcy’s persistence is certainly fascinating and added a whole new level to his character that make you fall more in love with him with each passing page.

*Review written by Leatherbound Reviews contributor Liz Castillo
*Review copy provided by author

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