Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Red Chrysanthemum by Linda Beutler Blog Tour

I am pleased to announce Leatherbound Reviews is hosting their first blog tour! *Yippee!*

Sign-ups are currently taking place! If you would like to take part in the blog tour, please fill out the form below!

From the publisher: “Pride and Prejudice” and the language of flowers…
When Fitzwilliam Darcy leaves the inn in Lambton after a tense but fruitful visit with Elizabeth Bennet, her words cultivate his hopes. “Less naturally amiable tempers than Mr. Bingley’s have found ways to forgive you.” Has she excused his flaws of character and errors in judgement? While dining at Pemberley, Elizabeth is confounded when Darcy says of her scent, “Now I find I am more fond of lavender than ever… certainly even more fond of it than I was in, say, April.” Has he pardoned her intemperate assault on his pride?

As her esteem blossoms into love and his desire flourishes into devotion, the meanings of every leaf and petal allow Elizabeth and Darcy to express emotions too vulnerable to speak aloud. But can messages in fronds and leaflets save their fragile hearts when scandalous news arrives from Longbourn?

Perhaps flowers do not always say it best.

I am super excited about this blog tour! I think The Red Chrysanthemum sounds like a fresh take on a most loved classic. 

Sign-up deadline is Friday, October 25th!


  1. Congrats on sponsoring your first blog tour, Jakki! Thanks for the invitation to participate.

  2. Love it!! Can't wait to see all the events and follow the tour!

  3. If I'm selected, it will be my first author guest post on my blog since I have never done it before. I'm super excited.

  4. Thanks so much, Sophia Rose & Luthien! The blog tour would not be a success without you fine ladies! :) Looking forward to it!!
    Thanks, Meredith! I'm excited to see what the posts will be for the blog tour! :)