Monday, February 16, 2015

Brighty's Special Gift by Dee Wallain Blog Tour

Meryton Press has released its first children's story, Brighty's Special Gift by Dee Wallain! 
I had the pleasure of reading this inspiring children's story to my two oldest children this past December. Both of my kids, especially my five-year-old, who has a tender heart, enjoyed the message and the illustrations. I hope you visit each stop along the blog tour to learn more about Brighty's Special Gift!

From the publisher:
In the early days of the universe where it is cold and dark with zillions of stars, Brighty feels completely alone. He has no one to play with or talk to. The other stars taunt, torment and bully him because he is strange and different from them.
Brighty is hurt by their teasing. He thinks he cannot take it anymore; he loses all hope. After crying out in the big, black darkness for eons, something wonderful happens just in time...
Brighty’s Special Gift is a parable for children of all ages with a special Christmas connection written by Dee Wallain and illustrated by Wendy J La.


About the author:
Dee Wallain lives in Richmond, Virginia, the happiest city in America, with her husband, Jim, and Wally the rabbit. They laugh together every day, mostly because they like to have fun. Ordinary life is full of comical things; they laugh at themselves and especially enjoy the antics of Wally. He showed up on Easter Sunday, a runaway domestic rabbit who chooses to live in the “wild.” He knows his name, comes when called for meals, and entertains the neighborhood with his “sightings.”

Blog Tour Schedule:
2/16: Spotlight & giveaway at Babblings of a Bookworm
2/19: Review at Babblings of a Bookworm
2/21: Guest post at More Agreeably Engaged
2/22: Review at More Agreeably Engaged

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