Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Cinderella Heiresses by Judy Teel

Author Judy Teel gives readers an unstoppable series with her Cinderella Heiresses trilogy. At the end of the delicious Seducing an Heiress, Teel provides her readers with chapter one of the following book, Instructing an Heiress. It was this excerpt that had me immediately rushing out to procure book two. Coincidentally, that same thing is what had me downloading the final book, Deceiving anHeiress, as soon as I was left bereft at the end of the chapter one excerpt.

In each story, Teel paints believable stories where it is easy for the
reader to suspend her disbelief. I was held with rapt attention when I was reading about Dakota Jamison and Trey Peters, CK Krazner and her ultimatum: find a husband in a month or loose her company, or Piper Roseland and Alex Jensen. And each hero has enough masculinity and passion to tame, tempt, and torture each heiress.
Each story and heiress has a depth that intrigued and engaged me. Teel does a remarkable job of creating such dynamic characters who have grown in a multitude of ways by the end of each story; it was a journey I thoroughly enjoyed. Each couple must work to uncover some sort of crisis greater than schooling an heiress. Dakota needs to find a way to keep her business afloat without dipping into her trust while desperately trying to find a way to stave off her controlling father. CK is racing against the clock to uncover a loophole in her great-grandfather’s will before time runs out and she looses everything. And Piper has the most challenging circumstances, as well as the greatest growth, as she must discover who is vandalizing her car, hurting her friends, threatening her life, and why, while at the same time navigating unchartered waters of feelings, something she never allowed herself to do before.

In her book description for the series, Teel tells her readers that her “short contemporary romances are fun, quick reads. They're not meant to have any deeper meaning (or do they?). They're meant to help you relax, have some you time and leave you with a happy feeling. Call me crazy, but I happen to think you deserve those things.” Teel could not have summarized this series any better. If you are looking for those things: fun, quick reads, books to help you relax, and books that will leave you with a happy feeling at the end, then I urge you to pick up one or all of these books today!

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  1. I have all of these in the depths of my kindle, thanks to your recommendation a while ago, now just need to read them!

    1. You are most welcome, Ceri! I read all three back to back. I thought they were great! Perfect for by the pool or relaxing this summer! :) Hope you enjoy them.