Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: A Groom for Christmas by Cara Marsi

After lying to her family about having a fiancé, Graceann Palmer must produce one or be on the receiving end of her family’s pity and her mother’s machinations. When town bad boy, Jake Falco, swaggers back in to town, Graceann sees her opportunity. If she can convince Jake to go along with her scheme, not only will she have a fiancé—albeit a pretend one—but she will now have a chance to get to know better her devilishly handsome high school crush.

As Graceann approaches Jake with her proposal, Jake cannot believe his luck. What better way to find fodder for his revenge against the snobby elite of Spirit Lake than spending the Christmas season with them? And the fact that Graceann is a looker doesn’t hurt either. When Jake begins truly falling for Graceann and, at the same time, realizes the Palmers are not what the thought, can he still go through with his plan?

Giving him the Christmas he has always longed for, filled with all the familial festivities he missed out on as a child, Jake faces quite an inner struggle. His entire plan for revenge has been dashed thanks to Graceann and her family. When Graceann learns the truth of Jake’s initial purpose, can their growing passion withstand the truth?

A Groom for Christmas is a delightful holiday read, filled with humor, romance, and holiday magic. Marsi’s characters are well developed, each facing his or her own struggle. Watching Jake experience a real family Christmas and admit to feelings he has never felt was endearing. Jake and Graceann make a wonderful holiday couple.

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