Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: This Love by Nazarea Andrews

Needing money to attend her sister’s destination wedding and for rent, Avery Emili searches for a summer job—not how she planned on spending the summer before her senior year at Branton University. When Avery comes across a research assistant’s position, she could not be happier. If she is going to have to work this summer, why not do something up her ally? The summer position sounds perfect, until she meets her boss, Professor Atticus Grimes.

Atticus Grimes needs to find a research assistant for the summer or face losing his research grant.  The minute he sets his eyes on Avery, he knows this is a bad idea. How can he have a research assistant who looks like that and manage to keep the business strictly professional?

Avery and Atticus, both, are broken and have unresolved pasts. When their past relationships refuse to let go peacefully, they each must find a way to help the other overcome the pain and the past before they can move forward.

As I read, I began wondering if Nazarea’s characters had a limited vocabulary. The amount of expletives used was staggering. The F-bomb, or a derivative of, was used a total of 139 times in this 331 page novel. And that’s not mentioning the cornucopia of other colorful words repeatedly used. Now, I do not mind swear words or crass language in a novel; I am fully aware that this is how some people talk. And if it is used for effect, even better. However, the superfluous swear words became grating.

Andrews gives her readers one steamy novel. I enjoyed seeing the lack of restraint Avery and Atticus have. In spite of their efforts to keep their relationship strictly professional, their closeness and desires get the best of them. I kept finding myself asking how, exactly, their relationship was going to work out. While I feel any girl would be lucky to have Atticus as a boyfriend—the dude has some mad skills—I wasn’t a fan of every juicy detail each time they copulate. Sometimes more is less. It would have been nice to have had something left to the imagination, but that was taken away by each detailed scenes.

While I have these two issues with This Love, they are not too deterrent as I am eager to read Andrews’s second Branton University novel, Beautiful Broken.

This Love is a fun summer novel. I suggest reading it by the pool, so when things get too hot, you can take a dip and cool off.

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  1. Such a wonderfully written review, Jakki! I love your choice of words: cornucopia, superfluous, copulate! :)

  2. Just catching up slowly after having been away for a while, and I have to agree with Meredith, Jakki! Love the way you wrote this review and equally love your suggestion at the end! LOL