Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Between Friends by Amanda Cowen

When I am in between manuscript edits, I like to enjoy in a quick reading fix. Usually, I tend to pick up Regency romances or contemporary women’s fiction. These tend to be quick and enjoyable for me. I can also take a long, steamy bath while reading these, whereas I can’t edit a book in the bathtubmore's the pity. Over the weekend, I decided a need a quick, fun summer read to celebrate summer. I hope you enjoy my review.

Megan Daniels and Ben Romano have been best friends ever since freshman year in high school. Now, ten years later, Megan and Ben work for the same company. While having drinks the night before their friends’ destination wedding, Ben challenges Megan with a coin toss: heads they sleep together, tails they don’t. Slightly inebriated, Megan agrees. Finding Ben in her bed the next morning, Megan’s mind fills with questions.  If it is true that drunken words are sober thoughts, then is it equally as true that drunken actions are sober desires?

That’s just the beginning. Once in Costa Rica for the wedding, things become even more complicated. Throw in a potential suitor for Megan and a hidden secret from Ben’s playboy past, and the drama abounds. Will Megan and Ben be able to keep their budding emotions in check or will their passion, which has lain dormant for so long, be unable to be contained?

As I was reading this book, I was easily brought along to the coastal resort with the rest of the characters. I felt as if I were jet skiing, turtle watching, relaxing by the pool, and getting caught up in the drama right along with Megan and company. This gang is your quintessential carefree twenty-somethings, who spend their days as professionals and their nights as wild partygoers. The beach, bikinis, and liberal libations create a perfect, yet typical, backdrop for this New Adult novel.

That was one of my main quibbles with this novel. While I usually enjoy a best-friends-turn-lovers trope, this one, more often than not, was predictable. Yet despite the plot’s predictability, as the climax approached, I found myself completely sucked in and my emotions were fully engaged.

If you’re looking for a fast, fun, and flirtatious summer read, I suggest throwing a copy of Between Friends into your beach bag!

* FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this book for free on Amazon

**Mature Content

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  1. Hey, that sounds fun!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jakki. One more for my

    1. Hi Katrin! Yeah, I was glad this was one of the many free books I have downloaded onto my Kindle that I have been able to read! I hope you enjoy this! :)

  2. This sounds pretty cute - I do like stories where friends fall in love. I admit I can't relate to a party beach girl lifestyle, though. I wish!

    1. Me too, Monica! I love it when friends fall in love! :) There are so many different ways authors can take this trope too! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun read! Perfect for a relaxing weekend - at the beach or at home! ;)

    1. It is, Candy. And it was a quick read too. Even better--you can quickly pick up another book after! ;)