Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Austen Admirers Updated Promotions List

February 27th update:  The party hasn't stopped yet!  Anyone who donates $1 or $5 is eligible for a drawing to win a 3 month gift subscription to Audible.com!  Find books by Abigail Reynolds, PO Dixon, Syrie James and more.  This is my thank you for making my campaign a success.  You can still get a Social Media Calling Card, be eligible for stamps from Cassandra Grafton, and audiobooks - but there are only 3 days left.  Don't forget to go to kickstarter.com, donate, and you'll automatically be entered!  

Also, my sincere apologies to DarcyandLizzy.com for missing their logo on the post.  Mea culpa!

Leave aside Darcy, Wentworth, Brandon and Tilney.  (It's hard - I know!)  It is my theory that romance in Jane Austen's novels is secondary to the importance of family, especially in hard times.  Last week my amazing Janeite family stepped up to support me, much like how the Bennet sisters rallied around Lydia.  I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am.

But enough about me, let's get to the amazing donations!  For each donation level, the backer will receive the following fabulous gifts:

$25 Donation:

Author Sally Smith O'Rourke offers a choice of one her eBooks, The Man Who Loved Jane Austen or
 Affectionately Yours, Jane Austen.  Both wonderful books!

Author Jessica Grey offers her just released novel, Attempting Elizabeth, to anyone who donates $25 or more after February 22nd.  I know you'll identify with Kelsey as much as I did.  Geek girls rule!

Author Maria Grace offers an eBook of her novel, Darcy's Decision.  Would you like to know what Darcy was like before he met Elizabeth?  This novel is for you!

$50 Donation:

Author Mary Simonsen is offering the choice of two eBooks from her Quail Creek Publishing collection if you donate $50 or more.  Go on the prowl with Mr. Darcy's Bite or slow dance with Elizabeth and Darcy during the London Blitz in Darcy Goes To War. For a complete list of available books, check out Mary's blog!

Author Author Maria Grace adds to her generous $25 donation, the eBook of Darcy's Decision, with the 2nd eBook in her series, The Future Mrs. Darcy!

Your Nook or Kindle will thank you for 'The Complete Works of Shannon Winslow,' including eBooks of Mr. Collins's Last Supper, The Darcys of Pemberley, For Myself Alone, and her just released novel, Return to Longbourn.  Romance just jumps off the pages of Shannon Winslow's novels.  Thank you for this generous offer!

Author Sally Smith O'Rourke completes her set of eBooks with both The Man Who Loved Jane Austen and Affectionately Yours, Jane Austen.  You'll love them!

For a $100 donation:

First, from Author Abigail Reynolds, for anyone who donates $100 or more, a cameo appearance and an acknowledgement in one of her future books.  Holy cow!  This is your chance to interact with Jane Austen's characters!  (Note:  this offer has been fully claimed as of February 27th)

From Author Marilyn Brant, for anyone who donates $100 or more after February 22nd, his/her choice of 2 of her eBook romantic comedies (pick two from Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match; On Any Given Sundae; Holiday Man; and Double Dipping).  Can you say swoon?

From Author Kara Louise, for anyone who donates $100 or more after February 22nd, she'll send them a signed copy of her soon-to-be released novel, Pirates and Prejudice.  If you've read Darcy's Voyage, you know how romantic Kara makes the high seas.  Ahoy!

From Author Nancy Kelley, if you donate $100 or more after February 22nd, you receive both books from her series, The Brides of Pemberley, His Good Opinion and Loving Miss Darcy.  Or, if you are like me and have both books already, she will send you a copy of Against His Will when it is released this fall.  Just wait till you meet Sebastian!

From Author Maria Grace, for anyone who donates $100 or more, she completes her trilogy of eBooks by including the soon-to-be released, All The Appearance of Goodness.  What an amazing trilogy!

All of this includes the donations for the $50 and $25 levels!

By donating $100 or more, you could have:
1.  A personalized digital Social Media Calling Card
2.  20 printed Social Media Calling Cards
3.  One Year U.S. Membership to JASNA
4.  A cameo in one of Abigail Reynolds' upcoming novels
5.  A whopping FIFTEEN NOVELS!!!!!!!

I know I'm starting to sound like the Sham-Wow guy, but it really only gets better from here. 

Wait till you see the giveaways!

Each person who is a backer of Austen Admirers is assigned a number.  Random.org will choose the winner for us, and we'll contact you!  These amazing authors have donated novels for special drawings.  

This drawing is just for those who donate $5:

Author Cassandra Grafton has graciously donated 4 SETS of Jane Austen Royal Stamps from the UK!  Aren't they beautiful?  One of them could be yours.  Thank you so much, Cassie!

The amazing Janet B Taylor is offering another incentive for those who donate! If you have donated $5, you are eligible for a drawing to win one of two special edition Pride and Prejudice 200th Anniversary Calendars!

For a $15 donation, you could also win:

Author D. W. Wilkin has graciously offered 3 Ebooks of his novel, 'Jane and the Ghosts' for a drawing for anyone who donates at the $15 dollar level.

For a $25 donation, you could also win:

From Author Tess Quinn - two eBook anthologies, The Road to Pemberley, and her just released anthology of short stories, Pride Revisited. (note:  already claimed)

From Author Melanie Schertz - 2 copies of her novels If Only In His Dreams and A Pair of Dancing Brown Eyes!

From Author P.O. Dixon - 2 eBook copies of her forthcoming book, Love Will Grow.

From Author Nina Benneton - two sets each of the ebooks of Jane Austen's Works, Illustrated and her novel, Compulsively Mr. Darcy!

Look what you can win for a $50 donation.

Author Sharon Lathan is graciously offering 2 sets of a signed ARC of The Passions of Dr. Darcy PLUS an eBook of any Darcy Saga you choose!

Author Nina Benneton ups the offer for a winner chosen by Random.org on March 5th.  For one lucky person, one ebook of Jane Austen's Works, Illustrated, one ebook of Compulsively Mr. Darcy PLUS a cameo appearance with Edward Bennet (follow him on twitter @EdwBennet) in the Pride and Prejudice's Reader Choice's Bennet Brother at Austen Authors on April 10th, 2013!!

And lastly, for a person who donates $100 or more:

One person can win one signed copy each of Sally O'Rourke's trade paperback of The Man Who Loved Jane Austen and Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen PLUS a special edition, remastered DVD of 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series.  The drawing for this will be for everyone who has donated $100 or more and will be via Random.org on March 5th!

DarcyandLizzy.com has also graciously offered one $100 Amazon.com gift card as a drawing for a person who donates $100 or more.  WOW!  Imagine just how many new JAFF books will line your shelf!  A deep curtsey to the wonderful people of DarcyandLizzy.com for their generous donation to Austen Admirers.

Thank you very much to the authors for donating such amazing novels and to Jakki for allowing me to take over her blog.  Lucky for me, Jakki is the type of friend that I can say, 'I need complete access to your blog' and she doesn't bat an eye.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who donated to make Austen Admirers a reality.  The smallest donation counts just as much as the the largest donation.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you!

Don't forget the other offers, such as Bingley Teas and Amazon Gift cards.  To find out more, check out the Austen Admirers Kickstarter Campaign, 'like' Austen Admirers Facebook page, follow on Twitter @AustenAdmirers, or send me an e-mail, adkroll95 (at) gmail (dot)com!


  1. This is amazing! Such a lovely bounty of prizes and goodies! Thank you to all the authors for giving such wonderful support to Angie's brilliant idea!

  2. Wow! Such great prizes and generous donors - but that is no surprise considering how wonderful JAFFers always are. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Austen Admirers is sooooo close to goal. :)

  3. Wow What is everyone waiting for!! A great APP and free stuff! WOW!!!


  4. Thank you, Jakki, for letting me completely take over your blog of the day.

    I know - isn't this amazing!?! Jane Austen people are the best!

  5. This is truly an amazing list of prizes! That is wonderful and then to get that free app on top of everything else...couldn't get much better!

    Thanks to all!

  6. Wow! What fabulous donations! Thank you everyone who has been generous with their donations! Your support of Angie and Austen Admirers shows what a special community we are all a part of!
    Angie, you are welcome to commandeer my blog anytime! :)

  7. Yay!!! Just checked in and saw how close Austen Admirers is to reaching the goal! VERY excited for Angie and for all of us who'll get to enjoy the new app :).

  8. Wow, wonderful gifts and incentives! So, those of us who've already donated automatically get the gifts and inclusion in the drawings (because I would love the stamps and calendar!!!) ? Or do I need to do something else??

  9. Excellent advertising today! Your commandeered blog finally convinced me to donate :) We're almost there!

  10. The pledges have exceeded the campaign goal. Congratulations, Angie. I am very happy for your success! :-D

  11. This makes me feel all warm and squishy! LOVE the JA community, it is the best!!!!

    Well done, Angie, on reaching your goal, and thank you for doing this for all of us.

    (Quick wave to Jakki - hi, Jakki, hope you are keeping well and the new baby is blooming x)

  12. This was one of the best examples of a community coming together that I've ever seen. No, it wasn't for a dying aunt or surgery for a beloved pet, but this app is going to be HUGE for us, and instead of just sitting around and expecting someone else to take care of it, we all pitched in. I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful group of Janeites.

    And I'm thinking about donating another $5 for a chance to be entered in the drawing for the stamps!