Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Winner: Mercy's Embrace, The Lady Must Decide by Laura Hile

Monica P!!

Congratulations Monica P!! I am hope you enjoy the book!

Thank you, Laura Hile for generously giving away three copies of Mercy's Embrace throughout the series' reviews and vlogs! I cannot forget to thank everyone who left comments! I really enjoy our conversations! :) You all are so wonderful and have so much to offer to our discussions!
If you did not win one of the three copies given away, you can purchase Mercy's Embrace on Amazon or Wytherngate Press
I truly had an enjoyable time reading, reviewing, and vlogging this series. I hope you too come to love Admiral McGillvary and Elizabeth's story!


  1. Hey, a two-fer! Congrats, Monica!

    I saw all those entries, and since I was delayed from going to the post office last week---yes, my eldest son is STILL borrowing my car! ---I decided to wait until today. Now I'll pop Book 2 into your package and send it on its way.

    Your tweeting paid off! Thanks so much for helping promote both my books and Jakki's blog.

    And since Book 1 ends on a screaming cliffhanger, you'll be extra glad you won the next.


  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! Thank you, ladies! This has been quite a lucky month for me. :) Now that I know there's a cliffhanger I'm extra glad. Lol I think I do remember Robin saying that you'd want to be ready to buy book 2 immediately after finishing 1.

    Can't wait to read 'em!

  3. Congrats, Monica! I agree with Laura. I guess all that tweeting paid off! Now you just need to get book 3! ;) Ps- go buy that lotto ticket! ;)

  4. Package went out today, Monica (media mail, so it will take a while). Enjoy!

  5. Congratulations, Monica! YAY!

  6. Oh Monica, it is like Christmas in July for you! Congrats on another awesome win!